The Weekend Is Here.

Hi everyone. My favourite day of the week, Friday has landed which means it is time to get the weekend started. At 7 PM in Ireland and the UK or 2 PM Eastern, it will be my pleasure to sound the words “Welcome To The Weekend” where ever you may be in the world. The weather in Dublin Town has been amazing all week which has created a feel good feeling. That will be carried onto the airwaves tonight, in the music and the friendly banter that you can enjoy for two hours.

If you’re out in the Garden, walking in the Park or relaxing on the Couch, I’d love your company no matter what your plans are this weekend. All our usual features are on show for you to enjoy, and your suggestions for anything you’d like to suggest for them are most welcome at any time.
• Kick-Start. This opening track sets the pace for your weekend. This time we hear from a band from Dublin, who play a big gig in their home city tomorrow night, who will paint the town Green.
• Double-Take. At the bottom of the first hour, we play two tracks by the one artist along with a little bio on the artist in question. This weekend we feature Counting Crows, who play an outdoor gig in Dublin on Thursday evening of next week.
• The Irish Connection. Exactly 1 hour later I play two tracks by two different Irish artists. This time, I will take you to a live gig. We will hear two tracks from live albums recorded in Dublin, by two very well-known Irish artists.
• The One That Got Away. This feature is dedicated to a track that is not often heard on the Radio. In this slot we hear a track that was originally released in 1966, and re-recorded in 1992 by a band featuring two brothers who were very sexy in the early 1990s.

I always have plenty of room for your requests, and I’d love to hear from you before or during the show if you’d like to get in touch. You can:
Tweet, @daltobr, using the Hashtag #wttwlive.

You can even like the new Facebook page for the show, and get all the updates. It can be found at Welcome to the Weekend Radio Show.

So where can you hear Welcome to the Weekend?
The home for this show is on the Mosen Channel which can be found at, also accessed by going to

If you happen to be on the move this weekend, this channel is available in all the cool Radio directories such as: ITunes, OoTunes, TuneIn Radio and Radium. So why not take us with you, if you are out enjoying the lovely weather we are having.

Thanks also to, and who also carry Welcome To The Weekend.

Where ever you are in the world, and how ever you decide to listen, I look forward to your company, as we enjoy summer weather and lots of bouncy tunes. Happy Friday everyone.