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Where ever you are in the World, why not kick off your weekend in a relaxed and informal way. Live from Dublin Town on the east coast of Ireland, with 2 hours of feel good music and friendly banter, every Friday at 7pm in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2pm Eastern time. I’d like to welcome you to the weekend and find out what your plans are for the two days of freedom that lie ahead. So, if it’s walking in the park, going to the cinema or a gig, enjoying a tasty meal out, catching up with friends, doing a spot of shopping or just chilling out, I’d love to hear from you.

Welcome to the Weekend will have many features such as:

  • The kick-start song that will begin your weekend. Whether it’s a fast-paced tune or a gentle melodic track, the choice is yours. Whatever tune gets you in a relaxed frame of mind, I’d love you to suggest the opening track for my show.
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I'l play 3 versions of the same song, by 3 different artists, and invite you to tell me which is Good, Bad or Ugly.
  • Weekend Rewind. Through music, i'll take you back to a time in your life that was particularly good. Reminding you of various things that you did that you enjoyed. It could be a particular Holiday, going Clubbing at the Weekend or your School/College days. The choice is endless.
  • The One That Got Away. This can be either a forgotten single, or an album track, the choice is totally yours. It’s a track that is not often heard on the radio, we brush the dust off it and drag it out into the light each weekend.

I will also bring you a stack of musical facts about the tracks I play. You never know, they might come in handy some day when called upon to answer that important winning question in a pub quiz.

Contacting the show at any time, is easy and I'd love to hear from you. You can:

Keeping Up-To-Date by Email.

The Team FM Announce email list will have all the details of upcoming Welcome to the Weekend shows, as well as information about other shows on the station. To subscribe, you can send a blank Email to announce-subscribe@team-fm.com

Another method of receiving all the latest show updates, is to like the show page on Facebook by doing a search for the page Welcome to the Weekend Radio Show, and putting a like on it, or liking the Facebook TeamFMRadio, where you can hear the station directly from this Facebook page.

I look forward to your company each Friday night when we will close out the working week and say hi to the weekend.

So where can you hear Welcome to the Weekend?

The home for the show is Team-FM. If you’re out and about at the weekend, Team-FM can be found in these Radio directories which can be accessed with a Smart Phone

  • iTunes
  • OoTunes
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Radium
  • If you use an IOS device, why not check out the app for Team-Fm. Simply visit the App Store, search for Team-FM, download it, and tap the app to hear the station.

So why not take us with you if you are on the move.
You can catch the show even on your Apple TV if you have one.

Previous Shows.

You can listen to Welcome to the Weekend shows here, some of which have been broadcast on stations other than those listed above. Please activate any one of the links below to listen to the show of interest.

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