Fun for the Weekend

Hi everyone. We are in striking distance of the end of another busy week, that seemed to last for ever. Today at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK or 2 PM Eastern, I very much look forward to bringing this to a close, and saying Welcome To The Weekend to you all, where ever you are and how ever you may be listening.

My promise is to rid you from the stress of the week that was, and set you up for the Weekend that is ahead of you. This will be done by playing 2 hours of the finest feel good music from all genres, as well as lots of friendly banter which you are most welcome to have a hand in if you’d like too. I’d also love to hear what your plans are for the 2 days of freedom that await you, if you’d like to share them.

All your regular features will be here such as:
• Kick-Start. This opening track is the pace setter for the weekend. This time we turn back to 1993, and enjoy a bouncy tune from an Italian Eurodance group.
• Double-Take. At the bottom of the first hour, we play two tracks by the one artist along with a little bio on the artist in question. I know how much you love music from the 1980s, so this time we hear 2 tracks from OMD. A band that are still together and still tour.
• The Irish Connection. Exactly 1 hour later I play two tracks by two different Irish artists. We’ll hear from a Gentleman from Dublin, who will be supporting Ed Sheeran, who plays to 160,000 people in Dublin this weekend. We also hear from a band from Northern Ireland, formed in the 90s.
• The One That Got Away. This feature is dedicated to a track that is not often heard on the Radio. This time we hear a track by Phil Collins, from his second solo album which gave him 7 single releases. We’ll hear the final single released from this album.

• There is always plenty of room for your requests and banter, and I’d love to hear from you before or during the show if you’d like to get in touch. You can:
Tweet, @daltobr, using the Hashtag #wttwlive.

You can even like the Facebook page for the show, and get all the updates. It can be found at Welcome to the Weekend Radio Show.

So where can you hear Welcome to the Weekend?
The host of this show is on the Mosen Channel which can be found at, also accessed by going to

If you happen to be on the move this weekend, this channel is available in all the cool Radio directories such as: ITunes, OoTunes, TuneIn Radio and Radium. So why not take us with you. If you happen to be at home, you can even find us on your Apple TV if you have one.

Welcome to the Weekend is also carried on stations such as:
Treehouse Radio,, as well as Radio Flintshire,

Whatever you are doing this weekend, and how ever you decide to listen, I look forward to having some weekend fun with you. Happy Friday everyone!