The Future of Welcome to the Weekend Radio show.

Hi everyone. From April of this year, my radio show has been syndicated to 3 different stations.

The home for the show has been the Mosen Channel, as Jonathan Mosen, host of the popular radio show The Mosen Explosion and owner of this station, offered me a home when I was looking for a place to broadcast. Not only did he offer me a home, but Jonathan was very helpful with any ideas I had for the show, and offered me use of his promotional channels to spread the word.

Through social media, Radio Flintshire expressed an interest in carrying the show. After chatting to Debbie Roberts from the team, I agreed for them to carry this show each Friday.

Treehouse Radio also showed a great deal of excitement and were eager to syndicate the show too. They also offered me use of their resources such as their announce list, and promoted the show through Twitter each weekend.

My good Friends Brian Hartgen, and Paul Jonston, not only have given me technical help, but also have given me good advice about the show in general. Of course, my wife Suzie has a meal on the table and a cold beer waiting for me each Friday at the end of every show, and gives me the time to prepare it each week. To all stations who carried the show, and everyone involved in giving me advice, I sincerely thank you all.

Having been glad I tried the syndication, in time I realised that all 3 stations who carry Welcome to the Weekend, follow me each Friday with quality shows. As a broadcaster I know the amount of work beforehand that goes into each show produced and the effort that is involved in making it all happen. With this in mind, it would be unfair to promote one show over another, and this bothered me a lot. I decided I would halt the syndication and broadcast on one platform each Friday, to allow me promote shows on that station. After all, presenters on all 3 stations were promoting my show.

With this in mind, when Jonathan Mosen approached me and asked if I’d like to be part of Mushroom FM, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a station that I liked the sound of when it was on air, and both Jonathan and Brian were influential to me beginning broadcasting.

I’m proud to tell you that Welcome to the Weekend Radio show, is moving to Mushroom FM from Friday 28th August, and will go out at the same time. 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM Eastern. In fact where ever you are in the world, you can check out our full schedule in your local time zone by heading over to
If you’d like too, why not follow the station on twitter @mushroomfm or like us on Facebook. My personal twitter account @daltobr will also post show updates as will the Facebook Page for the show, Welcome to the Weekend Radio Show, which you are most welcome to follow and like.

To conclude, I’d like to thank each and every listener who has heard the show live, on a replay or through the Mixcloud service which will continue to be on offer. Without you, there could be no show, so thanks for your time each Friday night. If you’d like to continue to follow and hear the show, you know where to come and I look forward to your company each Friday.

Brian D.