The Future of Welcome To The Weekend

Hi all.

I just want to let you know, that from Friday July 15th, my Radio Show Welcome to the Weekend will only be heard on Team Fm. I have now finished Broadcasting on Mushroom Fm.

My reason for moving the show is very simple. When I began to inquire about internet radio broadcasting in 2011, Team Fm was about to be launched. I approached the station owners Brian and Lulu Hartgen who agreed to carry my show. I broadcast Welcome to the Weekend with Team Fm until its sad closure in 2014.

On The Radio

Ever since I was a child, both Music and Radio have been and continue to be strong interests of mine. They both have provided me with hours of entertainment and still continue to do so.

The Future of Welcome to the Weekend Radio show.

Hi everyone. From April of this year, my radio show has been syndicated to 3 different stations.

The home for the show has been the Mosen Channel, as Jonathan Mosen, host of the popular radio show The Mosen Explosion and owner of this station, offered me a home when I was looking for a place to broadcast. Not only did he offer me a home, but Jonathan was very helpful with any ideas I had for the show, and offered me use of his promotional channels to spread the word.

Here Comes Your Welcome to the Weekend

Hi everyone. At the end of every week, there’s always Friday. On Friday, there is always a Welcome To The Weekend. Today at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, or 2 PM Eastern, it will be my pleasure to close out another busy week with 2 hours of feel good music and friendly banter, to set you up for the Weekend ahead. No matter what your plans are, where you are in the world and where ever you hear the show, you are most welcome.

No Ordinary Weekend

Hi Everyone. every Friday, as always, I look forward to closing out the week, and saying Welcome to the Weekend. This time, it’s not just any ordinary Weekend, certainly in Ireland, where I broadcast from. This is a 3 day weekend. Yes, an extra day off work. It won’t be a Blue Monday, it will be a Happy Monday.

The fun kicks off at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK, that’s 2 PM Eastern, when your weekend will officially begin. Two hours of feel good quality music, along with plenty of friendly banter to wipe away the busy week that was, and give you a pep in your step for the weekend.

Fun for the Weekend

Hi everyone. We are in striking distance of the end of another busy week, that seemed to last for ever. Today at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK or 2 PM Eastern, I very much look forward to bringing this to a close, and saying Welcome To The Weekend to you all, where ever you are and how ever you may be listening.

Welcome to Friday

Hi everyone. After 2 weeks of holidays, I returned to work last Monday. The sound of the Alarm Clock, getting up early and a day at the office were all things I didn’t miss for the previous 2 weeks. Oh boy, I am looking forward to the weekend. On Friday, at 7 PM in Ireland and the UK or 2 PM Eastern, I very much look forward to sharing that Friday feeling with you all, because where ever you are in the world, I will offer you a warm Welcome to the Weekend.

Summer Fun

Hi everyone, as I write, certainly in this part of the world, In Dublin Town on the East Coast of Ireland, we are slap bang in the middle of Summer. Apart from Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year. It’s the feeling of freedom that I like best, free from the shackles of Winter, and enjoying life in the open air. Doing all those fun things like: going to the Beach, spending long late evenings walking in the Park, enjoying an Ice Cream or a nice cool drink.

Welcome to a Weekend of Fun

Hi everybody. The most fun filled day of the week is here, the day that always gives you that fabulous feel good feeling and we wish for it every week. It’s Friday of course, which brings good things. Doing all those things that fill you with fun. Staying up late, having a nice meal, going to a gig or just simply switching off from the stress of the week and unwinding for a couple of days. At this time of the year, you might be looking forward to or planning for a holiday. The holiday season is in full swing, and in my case I’ve two weeks off beginning this afternoon.

The Weekend Is Here.

Hi everyone. My favourite day of the week, Friday has landed which means it is time to get the weekend started. At 7 PM in Ireland and the UK or 2 PM Eastern, it will be my pleasure to sound the words “Welcome To The Weekend” where ever you may be in the world. The weather in Dublin Town has been amazing all week which has created a feel good feeling. That will be carried onto the airwaves tonight, in the music and the friendly banter that you can enjoy for two hours.


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